The Program

Have you ever wondered how to maintain the high level of execution demonstrated by your mobile equipment operators during training, but which seems to fall off in the months that follow?

Forklift Blackbelt® augments regular operator training by delivering weekly training in video format that help keep safety “top of mind”.

Each of the video episodes are entertaining, approximately 5 minutes in length and cover one forklift or safety related topic.

Topics include safe procedures, proper lifting and lowering, operator and pedestrian visibility, productivity, reducing product damage and more.

The program is structured in stages and modeled after the martial arts belt system. Operators progress from one module to the next, gradually increasing their level of mastery in forklift operations.

As the Forklift Blackbelt® program is delivered via any internet enabled computer, differing shifts or remote locations are no longer an issue.

With an increased focus on safety and best practices, clients see reduced damage and injuries:

  • Machines and Pallet Racking – which can cost thousands of dollars per month.
  • Products – reducing costly and labor intensive rework of pallet loads and associated paperwork.
  • People – reducing the number of claims and the variety of associated costs.

Employee Retention increases:

  • With a graduated program where employees work toward belts culminating at the Forklift Blackbelt.
  • Proof to the workers that management is concerned with their well-being.
  • Serves as a celebration point as you congratulate graduates for attaining their next belt.

The Belts & Topics Covered

YELLOW BELT – Respect Your Machine – topics include: machine types and power sources, load center, center of gravity, machine capacity and more.

ORANGE BELT – Respect Your Job – the interaction between machine and operator – topics include load handling, safe speed, mounting/dismounting, visibility, pre-use inspection and more.

GREEN BELT – Respect Your Workplace – the interaction between operator, machine and the work environment ? topics include housekeeping, docks & trailers, pallet racking, pedestrian safety and more.

BLUE BELT– Respect Yourself – focus on operator behavior – topics include lifting techniques, job complacency, intoxicants, taking responsibility and more.

BROWN BELT – Respect Your Team – team dynamics, mentoring & teaching techniques, leading by example, promoting a safety attitude and more.


An operator is awarded their Forklift Blackbelt® when they meet the following conditions.

1. An application form must be completed and co-signed by a supervisor/manager, acknowledging the operator has:

  • Watched all videos from the five foundational belts (Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Brown)
  • Passed all five foundational belt quizzes (70% required to pass)
  • Been accident free for the previous year.

2. The operator will then write a 50 question test (80% required to pass).

Upon successful completion of the requirements, the operator will be awarded their Forklift Blackbelt® designation. (The designation is good for one year at which time the operator will need to re-qualify).

If you are interested in how Forklift Blackbelt® can help your operation reduce damages and injuries while increasing productivity and operator retention contact us for a complimentary demonstration of the program and viewing of example episodes.