Training Comparison

Traditional training generally takes place face-to-face with trainers providing students with hands on training on the equipment they will be operating. This is a great way to ensure safe operators and we highly recommend it. In fact, we recommend all operators be certified through their workplace or a qualified trainer before taking the Forklift Blackbelt® program.

That being said, one of the downfalls of traditional training is that it usually takes place in one day with the student being introduced to all the concepts of forklift operation. It can be a little overwhelming. Also with retraining being required every two to three years it’s easy for students to forget what they have been taught.

Forklift Blackbelt® covers the same material as traditional training (and much more) but it presents it in bite-sized chunks over time, one topic per week in a short entertaining video format which helps operators keep forklift concepts and safety “top of mind”.

CriteriaTraditional Operator
Forklift Blackbelt®
Program Duration4 to 8 Hours10 to 15 Minutes
Training Frequency18 to 36 MonthsWeekly
Knowledge RetentionLow Due To Training FrequencyHigh Due To Weekly Format
Program FlexibilityWeekday Dayshift OnlyAny Shift, Any Day, Any Time
Program ScalabilitySmall GroupsIndividuals, Small and
Medium Sized Groups
Operator EngagementBasic Facts & Figures
Low Engagement
Entertaining and Informative
High Engagement
Training of New HiresAdditional Costs IncurredNo Additional Costs